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Learn about the benefits of lock replacement and all about locks in the posts below!

Find out how you can keep intruders out, about the great value of keyless locks and what to do when the keys are lost.

Learn how to maintain door locks in perfect condition with the posts of this blog

The Peculiarities of Transponder Keys

The key will actually arm and disarm the car door locks, activate and deactivate the alarm system, start the engine and as an overall have full control over the functions of your car.

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Lock rekeying for your office

You’ve moved into a new office and as the owner or partner of the business, and it is your responsibility to ensure that safety and security is not compromised at any point. The first thing on your mind is to get all the locks rekeyed as there might be copies of the old key in wrong hands.

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Keyless Door Locks

The advancement of technology such as smartphones and the internet has caused us to become more reliant upon available access to convenience.

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Have you Lost or Forgotten Your Keys?

Many people leave their keys inside their house, or even worse, they lose them somewhere. When this situation happens, it is almost impossible to enter your home.

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Small secrets to avoid intrusions in Tukwila

If you think that home invasions involve the gathering of eleven criminal minds that work, plan and design the best movements based on the structure of your property, you either watched too many times “Ocean's Eleven” or you confuse your home with a bank.

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