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A closer look to the most practical ideas and tips by the most experienced locksmiths. How to deal with lock issues.

Dealing with burglary

If you have recently experienced a terrifying breaking and entering on your house, you must face it with the proper solution to keep it from happening again. For starters, change all your house locks right away. Also, make sure that you install heavy-duty bolts and multiple door locks that are complete with door chain and a peephole for added security.

Time to change locks

Living alone has its own perks. You can do anything without worrying about the approval of other house members. However, make sure you don’t risk your security by installing new locks. Also, keep your spare keys in a safe and well-hidden area. These are all recommended by Locksmith Tukwila since these tips are an effective way to increase home security.

Frequent inspection is a must

Small things like locks aren’t given enough attention. If they are broken, people tend to complain. The best thing to do according to Locksmith Tukwila experts is to just inspect your locks frequently. See if something is clogged or stuck inside the locks.

Don't leave keys in plain sight

Don't leave keys close to open windows or to the main door. Don't leave them on the door and definitely don't leave the transponder key in the car. This way, you can avoid burglaries with the use of your own keys and protect your kids.

Door closers need complete maintenance

The first steps should be close inspection and testing. Cleaning these devices is quite important, especially if there are traces of rust or accumulated grease. Lubrication helps door closers to work smoothly and quietly and protects their parts from premature wearing. In many cases, the devices have to be readjusted annually or even seasonally in order to work optimally.

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