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To answer your burning questions about locks and keys, we have listed frequently asked questions.

See them below. Get your answers today! They are short and easy to read. They aim right at the heart of the problem!

I arrived home at 3 am and realized that I forgot my keys inside. What should I do?

As emphasized by the experts at Locksmith Tukwila, rather than waiting till morning and doing nothing, you may call for emergency assistance provided by experts. A lot of locksmith service providers offer 24/7 assistance in these cases. If there is a need to, you may also request for a replacement for your keys.

My door locks are frozen due to cold weather. What should I do?

In this case, it is necessary to thaw the frozen home door lock. This situation is seemingly impenetrable, and might cause problems which might deny you access to your home at times. Aside from thawing, you can also prevent your door lock from freezing again in the next winter.

What is the use of a dummy knob?

Although our technicians have sometimes been asked to use it for decorative purposes, this type of knob also serves as a deterrent. It has no keys or latch. Therefore it cannot turn. The downside is that it can be confusing in emergencies.

How many key duplicates do I need for my car?

You need only as many duplicates as is absolutely necessary, which is normally only one duplicate. This is due to the fact that having more duplicates increases the chance of you possibly losing one which could very well compromise your vehicle. Having one duplicate with you at all times, placed in your wallet is more than enough.

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