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Small secrets to avoid intrusions in Tukwila

11/23/2013 Back To Blog

If you think that home invasions involve the gathering of eleven criminal minds that work, plan and design the best movements based on the structure of your property, you either watched too many times “Ocean's Eleven” or you confuse your home with a bank. The most professional ones would target a house and watch the movements of homeowners for just a few days maximum before they attempt to get in. Now if they could find your lost house keys, it would be much easier for them, but they usually wait for the right moment when they know you are out and have studied the security system of your house.


Just keep in mind the small secrets

You don't have to panic or use the binoculars to see if anyone is watching your house. You just have to make sure the house is always well-protected, the locks replaced frequently, doors and windows always locked and the garage door properly maintained. Today, there are excellent systems, durable mechanical locks and reliable electronic ones that can keep your home as well as other valuable possessions safe.


Try to remember

    Lock replacement is necessary to take place every four or five years, because new technologies would provide greater security.
    Check the condition of the keys and take measures if you feel that locks or keys don't work at their best. Lock and key replacement must take place immediately.
    In the meantime, small problems can be fixed with key and lock repair.
    Try to avoid keeping jewelry, money, important document and other valuables in the house. Otherwise, you must consider safe installation.
    Install sensors a few feet away from all entrances – both doors and windows – that would set on the alarm or turn on lights in the yard to make intruders walk away fast.
    Of course, you must make sure every entry point is well secured before you go to bed at night, but you must also secure all entrances upstairs if you are sitting downstairs.
    Keep a cell phone by your bed at night. It's perfect for emergencies.
    Don't underestimate the power of a tiny window in the bathroom and make sure it's locked, too.

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